VIBRAVISION / See vibration

By using techniques for image processing and available technologies, Momentum Technologies provide a portfolio of video based services; VIBRAVISION.

Services that enables vibration assessment to be performed faster, as well as opens up possibilites that has been limited due to traditional vibration measurement methods;

  • Remote vibration assessment
  • Visualization of vibration
  • Rapid vibration screening of larger areas
  • Vibration assessment of inaccessable components/systems is made possible (e.g. flare system, drilling equipment)

Below are examples of what we are able to help you with:

Vibravision remote vibration assessment

REMOTE vibration assessment

  1. Film your pipe or equipment of concern, with your cell phone camera or another standard video camera
  2. Send us your video
  3. Recieve a basic assessment from us – FOR FREE! *)

*) This is a time limited introduction offer. 
Please note that the extent to this assessment is dependent of sharpness, light conditions and the frame rate of the video. The remote vibration assessment is to be regarded as a basic guidance only, if there is vibration and what might be the root cause. It shall not be used for assessing vibration induced fatigue failure.

VIBRAVISION Remote vibration asssement
VIBRAVISION – Film, send and recieve a basic vibration assessment

Vibravision by Momentum Technologies

VISUALIZATION of vibration

Vibration problems are often complex to understand. Different forces and mechanisms interact with each other and results in invisible, but harmful motions. Filming vibration, and reinforcing these micromotions so that we can see them, enables us to see and quicker understand vibration than ever before.

Visualization do also make our communication of the vibration problem with the client easier. We can use the reinforced videos to explain how the vibration is, and why we have concluced as we do in our assessment. Such visualization can also become very valuable in communication with the client’s engineering team hence it contributes to get a common basis to find solutions upon.

Troubleshooting of rotating machinery

VIBRAVISION can also make troubleshooting of machinery with vibrational problems much easier. By visualization of the invisible vibration one is given a better understanding of how to proceed, for example what specialist to call for;

  • See the machinery motion during operation
  • See bearing wear or loose/weak foundations
  • See deflections in the shaft due to unbalancing problems or misalignments

Straight pipe with supports

VIRTUAL VERIFICATION of vibration mitigating solutions

VIBRAVISION enables us to visually compare different vibration mitigating solutions virtually.

A method that makes the way to find the best solution shorter, as well as communicate and explain advantages and disadvantages of different solutions to the client more straigth forward.