VIBRAVISION / See vibration

Visualization is an excellent tool for making complex physical problems understandable. Momentum provides a complete spectre of visual vibration control services that we call VIBRAVISION.

Visualization of vibration

Vibration problems are often complex to understand. Different forces and mechanisms interact with each other and results in invisible, but harmful motions. Filming these micro-motions with high-speed camera and amplifying them so that we can see them, helps us to understand and control vibration better and quicker. In the video above we have used the IRIS M ™ system by RDI.

Visualization do also make our communication of the vibration problem with the client easier. We can use the reinforced videos to explain how the vibration is, and why we have concluced as we do in our assessment.

Troubleshooting of rotating machinery

Video-based visualization of vibration is also an excellent tool that complements the frequency spectre when troubleshooting rotating machinery. By making the invisible motions visible one can better understand the characteristics and substantiate a hypothesis.

  • See the vibrational modes of the machinery during operation
  • See bearing wear or loose/weak foundations
  • See deflections in the shaft due to unbalancing problems or misalignments

Animation of vibration in a structure

Multiphysics simulations and animation of vibration gives additional insight to vibration problems that individual measurements alone do not. Examples of vibration analysis techniques:

  • Operational deflection shapes (ODS)
  • Operational modal analysis
  • FRF-based modal analysis
  • Experimental FEA
  • CFD simulations
vibration analysis piping vibration

REMOTE vibration assessment

  1. Film your pipe or equipment of concern, with your cell phone camera or another standard video camera
  2. Send us your video
  3. Recieve a basic assessment from us – FOR FREE! *)

*) This is a time limited introduction offer. 
Please note that the extent to this assessment is dependent of sharpness, light conditions and the frame rate of the video. The remote vibration assessment is to be regarded as a basic guidance only, if there is vibration and what might be the root cause. It shall not be used for assessing vibration induced fatigue failure.

VIBRAVISION Remote vibration asssement
Film, send and recieve a basic vibration assessment
Vibravision remote vibration assessment

VIRTUAL VERIFICATION of vibration mitigating solutions

The VIBRAVISION services enables us to visually compare different vibration mitigating solutions virtually.

A method that makes the way to find the best solution shorter, as well as communicate and explain advantages and disadvantages of different solutions to the client more straigth forward.

Straight pipe with supports

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