Momentum TMD – a high frequency tuned mass damper

Momentum Tuned Mass Damper machinery piping
The Momentum TMD installed at machinery piping

Momentum TMD high frequency tuned mass damper
The Momentum TMD with solar shielding installed at gas piping

Momentum Technologies provides a high frequency tuned mass damper; the Momentum TMD. It is a state-of-the-art product for mitigating resonance vibration above 20Hz. These unique characteristics makes the Momentum TMD very suitable for solving vibration problems in small bore gas piping and machinery piping.


  • Frequency range ca. 20-300 Hz
  • Reduces at least 90% of resonant vibration levels – outstanding performance superior to other tuned mass dampers
  • Free hanging, requires no support
  • Simple installation, can be done during operation
  • No additional stress from thermal deformation
  • No hot work permits required for installation
  • Solutions for both topside and subsea

Through its construction and characteristics, a tuned mass damper is tuned to change the dynamics of the damped structure. By moving the modes away from the troubling excitation frequency and adding damping, resonance vibrations are reduced.

Typical applications are resonance vibration problems in small bore gas piping due to FIP/FLIP (Flow Induced Pulsation) and machinery piping, due to pulsation or mechanical excitation.

Momentum TMD tuned mass damper
Comparison in dynamic motion with and without tuned mass damper

The diagram above shows the damping effect of a tuned mass damper.

Demonstration of Momentum TMD at a vibrating pipe. The movements in the videos are amplified (equally) in order to better visualize the vibration and vibration damping effect to the damper. In the video above we have used the IRIS M ™ system by RDI. Read more about vibration visualizing techniques here.


A tuned mass damper, also known as a vibration absorber or reaction mass damper, is a well proven technology for mitigating vibrations. Through a cooperation between Momentum Technologies and Sandvik Coromant, this well proven technique is made available also for solving vibration problems in pipes and structures, both topside and subsea: The Momentum TMD.

This type of tuned mass damper is unique with a broadband functional frequency range and operates in all six degrees of freedom.

The damping principle to a tuned mass damper is described as a system consisting of a counter-acting mass, spring and damper, see the following figure:

Momentum TMD tuned mass damper
Tuned mass damper – physcial principle


The Momentum TMD is clamped to the pipe or structure to be damped, with the integrated clamp included in the delivery. The mounting can be made during operation and no hot work is needed for the installation. The Momentum TMD is free hanging and do not need any support or other foundation.

The mono-clamp design enables the damper to be fitted to pipes at various locations, for example close to bends. Momentum Technologies do also provide customized clamp or attachement solutions, for example brackets suitable for installation at valve flanges.

Momentum TMD high frequency tuned mass damper monoclamp
Close-up of the integrated pipe clamp to the Momentum TMD
Installation Momentum TMD high frequency tuned mass damper valve flange
Customized bracket for installation of the Momentum TMD at valve flange

Momentum TMD high frequency tuned mass damper installed valve flange
The Momentum TMD installed at valve flange

Momentum TMD – SUBSEA

The Momentum TMD is also suitable for solving vibration problems subsea. Retrofit is enabled since the Momentum TMD is a clamp-on device.

Momentum Tuned Mass Damper subsea
Momentum TMD, subsea version.
subsea installation


Hence a tuned mass damper changes the dynamics of the damped structure, implementation of such damper may be a complicated and time-consuming calculation and simulation exercise. Momentum Technologies provide tuning and optimization of the Momentum TMD as part of our delivery. This is made in cooperation with the client and an interface is established, through which necessary parameters are shared (for example characteristics of the dominating modes). The parameters are then used in a proprietary calculation tool where multi-mode optimization is made, seeking the best Momentum TMD solution for all modes.

Momentum TMD high frequency tuned mass damper results
Measurements made before (blue) and after (red) installation of a Momentum TMD at a 2″ gass pipe

Also, if measurements are needed, Momentum Technologies can provide this service as well, or provide procedures of how to carry out these if the client choses to use a local service provider instead. This approach developed by Momentum Technologies enables “word-wide” cooperation, making the delivery independent of where in the world the site is located.

Learn more about this approach and get an introduction to understanding vibration and vibration damping in this whitepaper:

Try out our Momentum TMD calculator for a simple assessment of whether the use of a high frequency tuned mass damper from Momentum Technologies will reduce resonant vibration:

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