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By seeking cooperation with market leading and strong partners, Momentum Technologies can provide a complete and continously up-to date portfolio of products for vibration control.

high frequency tuned mass damper

Momentum TMD – a unique high frequency tuned mass damper

The Momentum TMD – a unique high frequency tuned mass damper, is suitable for damping vibration in small bore piping / small bore connections (SBC).

The Momentum TMD is provided in cooperation with Sandvik Coromant (Silent Tools). It is clamped to the pipe, appropriate for damping vibration in the frequency range of ca. 20-300 Hz and is available for onshore, offshore and subsea applications.

tuned mass damper

Through its construction and characteristics, a tuned mass damper is tuned to change the dynamics of the damped structure. By moving the modes away from the troubling excitation frequency and adding damping, resonance vibrations are reduced. The diagram to the left shows the damping effect of a tuned mass damper.

viscoelastic vibration damper offshore vicoda

Lisega is world leading manufacturer of vibration damping products (Vicoda), dynamic and static supports.

Through a cooperation with Steinar H. Sunde, Momentum Technologies provide expertise and sales of the Lisega products.

Try out our vibration isolator calculatior where you can find a suitable isolator based upon a minium amount of information:

emerson AMS wireless vibration sensor

Delivery, installation and commissioning of wireless and EX-certified vibration control system from Emerson.

Momentum Technologies do also provide assistance in design of the system and recommend locations of the sensors, as well as assistance in SAS integration of the system.

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ME’scopeVES Visual Engineering Series

The software packages and options makes it easier for you to observe and analyze noise & vibration problems in machinery and structures using either experimental or analytical data.
Momentum Technologies is an independent re-seller of the software packages and options of ME’scopeVES.

CAE Acoustic camera

CAE has specialized in acoustic- and vibration measuring systems, new measurement methods and special tests. 

Momentum Technologies is re-seller of the CAE products.

Momentum Technologies use their acoustic technology within the service  NOISEVISION, read more about how we can help you to secure a safe working environment.

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