NOISEVISION / See what you hear

Noise problem? Our unique service enables you to see what sound looks like and helps you to reduce the noise level.

By using a technique that is comparable to thermography – but for sound – the noise sources are localized and visualized in real time during a survey. Afterwards, you get pictures and movies that can be used to easily understand and communicate what it is that makes the noise. In addition we provide suggestions for targeted and effective measures, to create a quieter and sustainable working environment. You get results fast, results that makes a difference everyday for your personnel, and for the efficiency of your operations.

Hearing loss due to noise in the workplace is the most common occupational injury in Europe, an irreparable injury that has a large impact at life quality for those affected.

  • Noise do not only affect the hearing, but can also lead to increased blood pressure and stress, be annoying, tiring and reduce concentration and attention. The risk of accidents is increased by noise. In order to achieve a sustainable and safe working environment, noise control is therefore vital.
  • Areas with high noise levels, means areas with limited number of working hours per person. Necessary limitations – but still limitations that reduce the efficiency of the work in these areas. Implementations that reduce the noise levels can therefore also be financially motivated, in addition to the benefits of safety and health.
  • Through the NOISEVISION services, noise reducing measures can be verified. Momentum Technologies can also advice regarding suitable solutions, and in addition work in cooperation with insulation personnel to assure the quality of that insulation is made properly and at right place.


You get pictures and film that gives an understanding of what that can be done to reduce the noise level.


The measurement equipment used is handheld and processes data in real-time, enabling large areas to be surveyed effectively.

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