When there is vibration – get in control of your asset

It is critical to find out whether identified vibration implies a problem or not. Momentum Technologies’ expert engineers are a natural part of the operational task force when assessing vibration problems. Our team has a comprehensive experience and expertise within the field. We are progressive and hands-on, dedicated to deliver according to what is actually needed. Dedicated to achieve simple solutions, also to complex problems. In order to understand the problem, measurement with different techniques are performed.

Vibration measurement of vibration level with accelerometer
Strain gauge measurement
Strain measurement with strain gauge on pipe
vibration analysis piping vibration
Simulated vibration modes in pipe

We have a comprehensive toolbox of vibration measurement methods for assessment in field and vibration tests;

For a better understanding

Sometimes measurement alone cannot provide the full answer to a vibration problem. By putting together dynamical, mechanical and acoustic data into a simulation model, a better understanding can be achieved through analysis.

Multiphysics simulations is a good way to visualize more complex problems, for example the interaction between acoustical pulsation in the gas flow and pipe stress caused by vibrations.

  • FEM Mechanical
  • FEM Acoustic
  • CFD
  • ODS (Operational Deflection Shapes)
  • Spectrum and order analysis
  • Wavelets

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