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Håvard Johnsen

CEO & Sales
E-mail / Phone: +47 93 01 70 03

Has the operational responsibility, but is also the head of business and marketing development in Momentum Technologies as well as the leader of sales. Håvard has a comprehensive hands-on maritime and offshore experience in addition to extensive experience of product, project and production management.

Håvard is the natural point of contact if you are interested in our services and products, in general, or for a specific case.

Even Lund

R&D / Engineering Manager
E-mail / Phone: +47 41 29 88 87

Besides manager of the research and development processes within Momentum Technologies, Even is an important key player for problem solving in field. Has the responsibility of the engineering deliveries for all projects and assignments in Momentum Technologies.

With his extensive hands-on industrial experience and knowing the laws of physics like the back of his own hand, he dares to cross boundaries and challenge what is possible.

Lina Ödlund

Project Manager
E-mail / Phone: +47 48 95 56 48

Has the overall responsibility for the supply chain to Momentum Technologies within the projects.

With her high ability in understanding systems and context, and through her solution-oriented and analytical mind – Lina is ensuring efficiency and quality in order to reach both internal targets and the expectations from our customers.

Jostein Vidvei

Jostein Vidvei Momentum Technologies

Vibration Engineer
E-mail / Phone: +47 92 40 74 27

Has an extensive experience from instrumentation, installation and testing of complex electronic and mechanical systems within the oil & gas industry.

With his combination of theoretical and practical way of manners and service-minded personality, Jostein is a natural part of the Momentum team and a very valuable resource in all Momentums areas of business.

Karl Brustad

Vibration Analyst
E-mail / Phone: +47 98 88 37 71

With his big interest in complex phenomenon, solving complicated problem together with his fondness for materials technology, Karl makes a good fit in the Momentum Technologies team.

A Ph.D in Mathematics in combination with experience from acoustics, and the ability to find practical solutions quickly, gives him a unique competence that contributes very well to both project deliveries and the development of Momentum Technologies.

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