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Achilles JQS

Momentum Technologies is qualified by Achilles JQS, ID: 60965.

Håvard Johnsen
Håvard JohnsenCEO & Sales
Phone: +47 93 01 70 03

Has the operational responsibility, but is also the head of business and marketing development in Momentum Technologies as well as the leader of sales. Håvard has a comprehensive hands-on maritime and offshore experience in addition to extensive experience of product, project and production management.

Håvard is the natural point of contact if you are interested in our services and products, in general, or for a specific case.

Even Lund
Even LundR&D Manager
Phone: +47 41 29 88 87

Besides manager of the research and development processes within Momentum Technologies, Even is an important key player for problem solving in field.

With his extensive hands-on industrial experience and knowing the laws of physics like the back of his own hand, he dares to cross boundaries and challenge what is possible.

Tomas Lundqvist
Tomas LundqvistEngineering Manager
Phone: +47 41 16 19 80

Has the responsibility of the engineering deliveries for all projects and assignments in Momentum Technologies – from initial preparations, to the surveys in the field, as well as the final assessment and deliverables.

Tomas has expertise within many technical disciplines and an extensive hands-on offshore and field experience.


Greta Aadahl
Greta AadahlAdm. coordinator
Phone: +47 48 03 81 19

The organisational pro within Momentum Technologies, coordinating and handling the administrative tasks.

Greta do also have a comprehensive experience within legal and financial business areas, which makes her an invaluable asset in the process of starting up and building a company.

Lina Ödlund
Lina ÖdlundProject Manager
Phone: +47 48 95 56 48

Has the overall responsibility for the supply chain to Momentum Technologies within the projects.

With her high ability in understanding systems and context, and through her solution-oriented and analytical mind – Lina is ensuring efficiency and quality in order to reach both internal targets and the expectations from our customers.

Thor Egil Five
Thor Egil FiveChairman of the Board
Phone: +47 90 75 10 38

A unique business developer with passion for innovations and entrepreneurship, that brings both invaluable knowledge and a large network into Momentum Technologies.

Thor Egils extensive track record includes being funder of Statoil Innovations AS, co-founder of ProVenture Seed and chairman of board member in emgs, Resman, MarineCybernetics, NumericalRocks, DynamicRockSupport, GasSecure, aptomar, Winns, ProAnalysis, Voxelvision and ORS.