And so, it soon will be Christmas. Again.

Before entering 2017, we look back at 2016 – a year in which many things have taken place, both big and small – far away and close to us. For us at Momentum Technologies, 2016 is the year during which our company was founded. In other words, a year of a lot of work and a [...]

2016-12-15T20:24:38+00:00 December 15th, 2016|Momentum Technologies, Startup|

Feel free to think I’m crazy

Telling that you ‘re part of initiating a startup company, in times like this when market is…  – let’s say – slow, gives a lot of cheering comments in response, like; “Cool!”, “Good for you!”, “Awesome with people that have the guts!“ and “I think you are brave”, “Tough choice!” and so on. Well, I think [...]

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