Support calculator

Calculation of maximum recommended pipe length between supports Background A simple support will increase the mechanical stiffness of the pipelines and make it more robust against vibration. This tool is intended to be used as an aid for operational personnel at a process facility for doing a rough estimate of recommended maximum distances between [...]

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AVIFF Pipework Vibration Criteria

Background Having control over vibration might seem like a daunting task. On one side there are many sources to vibration, ie. pulsation, flow, external forces, machinery. On the other hand, there are many mechanical structures that can be put into motion, ie. internal components, pipes, main structure, valves. When you know that Vibration = [...]

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Presenting: Vibration toolbox by Momentum Technologies

To get in control, is mostly about understanding. If you understand the cause and mechanisms behind, you are often able to identify both possibilities and risks. In Momentum Technologies we are committed to vibration control. Our ambition is to always understand the problem – finding the root cause, assess the severity and - if [...]

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EFRC Vibration criteria

EFRC (the European Forum for Reciprocating Compressors)  has within their guidelines, defined criterias for vibration assessment of reciprocating compressors. Measurements of vibrations at the main parts of the compressor individually may only give a rough indication of the stress levels. In order to enable a more holistic and reliable vibration assessment of the compressor, [...]

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Good vibrations at OTD

Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway pays extra good attention when Even Lund and Håvard Johnsen, Momentum Technologies, demonstrates the importance of vibration damping for a safer oil and gas industry. The 18th Offshore Technology Days (OTD), opened today at Sotra in Bergen. Full of expectations, Momentum Technologies, took place at the stand in the [...]

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Vibration problems?

Vibrations may be triggered from a variety of sources. When vibrations coincidently match the eigenfrequencies of a structure, resonance occure which can end up in catastrophic result. Understanding and controlling this amplification factor is the key to a safe and healthy process plant.A simple clamp on damper can do the job of reducing over 90% of [...]

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Through the DNB NXT programme we have got the opportunity to participate at the Offshore Technology Days (OTD) 2016 in Bergen. OTD is Norway’s largest annual oil, gas and energy exhibition and is this year held at Sotra Arena in Bergen, during the 19-20th of October. Here at Momentum Technologies, preparations are in full progress and [...]

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Feel free to think I’m crazy

Telling that you ‘re part of initiating a startup company, in times like this when market is…  – let’s say – slow, gives a lot of cheering comments in response, like; “Cool!”, “Good for you!”, “Awesome with people that have the guts!“ and “I think you are brave”, “Tough choice!” and so on. Well, I think [...]

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