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See what noise looks like at ONS 2018

Are you interested to see what noise looks like, and to better understand what can be done to reduce it? Visit our stand at ONS 2018 where we will demonstrate our unique service NOISEVISION. By using a technique that is comparable to thermography, but for sound, the noise sources are mapped and visualized in real time. [...]

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Visit us at ONS 2018

Founded in 1974, ONS has developed into a global energy meeting place connecting international suppliers, operating companies and decision makers. ONS takes place every second year in Stavanger, Norway. This year the event is held 27 – 30 August 2018, and the theme is "Innovate". Momentum Technologies will participate of course! Our stand is located in exhibition [...]

An invisible danger

Our vision in Momentum Technologies is to provide services and solutions for technical and operational safety. Noise is an inivisible danger that constantly leads to work injuries, more injuries than all other reported combined. With NOISEVISION, we can help you to protect your hearing and achieve a safe working environment. NOISEVISION is a unique service for [...]

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Every day. Your whole life.

 A hearing loss can not be repaired. The person affected must cope with the challenge of the hearing loss or tinnitus every day, the rest of his/her life. Noise is an invisible and insidious danger that constantly leads to work injuries, more injuries than all other reported combined. PTIL calls it a silent major accident. [...]

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Vibration isolator calculator

Vibration isolation can be used to solve two types of problems: To avoid resonance of the machine itself. To limit vibrations from being transmitted to other components (pipes, machines etc.) connected to the same foundation as the machine. Isolators can in many cases also be used to loosen up existing pipe supports in order [...]

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A welcome addition!

Momentum Technologies can now offer a large range of products for vibration control, base insulation and components for dynamic and static support from the German producers Vicoda and Lisega. The products are well proven in use within industrial plant constructions, onshore and offshore. It is through a cooperation with Steinar H. Sunde, that Momentum Technologies can provide expertise [...]

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Apropos resonance…

When working with vibration and sound, resonance is a quite vital thing to always keep in consideration. Even when not into our field of business, most people have tried out acoustic resonance – when blowing into a bottle, making a flute. Or, felt the power of mechanical resonance and perhaps seen dramatic consequences of it [...]

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And so, it soon will be Christmas. Again.

Before entering 2017, we look back at 2016 – a year in which many things have taken place, both big and small – far away and close to us. For us at Momentum Technologies, 2016 is the year during which our company was founded. In other words, a year of a lot of work and a [...]

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Presenting: Vibration toolbox by Momentum Technologies

To get in control, is mostly about understanding. If you understand the cause and mechanisms behind, you are often able to identify both possibilities and risks. In Momentum Technologies we are committed to vibration control. Our ambition is to always understand the problem – finding the root cause, assess the severity and - if [...]

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