Vibration Analyst

Momentum Technologies is a young and exciting technology firm within vibration and acoustics, based in Trondheim Norway. Our focus is primary upon oil and gas installations, but we do also deliver services and products within other industries. Momentum Technologies delivers comprehensive solutions to the client, from studies to physical solutions. Now we seek multi-talented, resourceful and curious engineers that are motivated by understanding the context between theory and practice.

Job description

Your responsibilities will primarily be to solve problems related to vibration and acoustics. A typical assignment would be that the client contacts us and present a concern regarding vibration in a pipe or for example a compressor, wanting Momentum Technologies to look further into the case and perform an assessment of the root cause to the vibration and whether it is hazardous or not. Through dialogue with the client you will familiarize with the case and prepare a survey and measurements, which often then is at an offshore installation. You will then go offshore bringing the applicable measurement equipment. Standard measurement equipment are accelerometers, strain gauges and pulsation sensors. In addition, we provide special techniques were vibration modes and vibration measurements are med with video-based technology. For more information, see our YouTube-channel.

When returned from the survey you will process and analyse the measurement results, concluding of the root cause and further assess whether the vibration will imply tension that in turn may lead to fatigue and failure. Different tools are used for these analyses. Among other is own proprietary tools used, as well as Matlab, Comsol Multiphysices, Labview, Excel and specialized software for OMA, EMA and ODS analyses. Being comfortable with mathematics and physics will be valuable at this stage. You will summarize the assignment and conclusions in a report that explains what and why the vibration occurs, and most important whether this is a problem that should be corrected, and in that case what measures that would solve the problem.

During the entire process you will have support and assistance from our expert team. We do not expect that you know and master all the stages in this delivery. However, you need to have the ability to acquire what it takes. Travelling and working offshore is a part of your everyday life. To be comfortable in this job you need to be flexible and like to be busy at times. We have a limited influence to decide when the assignments are awarded to us and we need to be able to meet the clients need with short notice. In return will Momentum Technologies provide flexibility for you when you need it.

In between assignments there will be many other tasks to take part in. We are devoted to bringing out the best of each other, and to encourage the talents one has. Are you passionate about web development and social media – you will take part in this work. Do you enjoy drawing and designing in CAD, then we will have many tasks for you. Is it software development that keeps you up at night – then we have a lot of ideas you can go for. Is there anything else that you are passionate about and that you are extra ordinary good at? Maybe this will be our next focus are? The possibility to influence both your own development and the business is large.

In short, we desire to find a colleague that is really passionate about his/her job. The right attitude and personality trumps formal knowledge and experience.

About you

We’re guessing that you are an engineer within relevant disciplines, newly graduated or having some years of job experience, but we encourage also experienced vibration analyst to apply. As we are operating in an international business where much of the communication is in English, we encourage all nationalities to apply for the job – perhaps will you contribute to get Momentum Technologies established in new markets?


If you think that this is a job that you would like and grow within, send us an e-mail where you tell us about you in short and why you think that you will fit for this job, please attach your CV.

Application deadline 10th of August 2019

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