See and understand vibration – VibraVision™

Demonstration of amplified vibration in pipe

In Momentum Technologies we always strive to find simple, targeted and cost-efficient solutions to complex problems. As for most problems within physics and technology (I guess, this is applicable for most problems in life as well) understanding the problem makes it far more easier to find out why there is a problem and what to do about it.

Vibration might often be such a complex problem. Using high speed camera, also small movements not visible to the bare eye can be identified, measured and also amplified – it enables you to see and understand vibration.

We in Momentum Technologies are proud to announce that we can provide video based vibration measurement and analysis – VibraVision™. A very straight forward approach to understand vibration, the root cause and verify a suitable solution. Did I mention that it also works at longer distances – and it allows you to think outside the box with regard to avialable access?

In the video above, a video of vibration in a pipe is amplified. The clip to the right shows how the vibrating pipe is percieved by the bare eye. The clip to the left is amplified and shows clearly the first natural mode (at 133 Hz).

Do you have a vibration problem where our service VibraVision™ could be a suitable approach? Get in touch! You find contact form and contact details here.

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