Every day. Your whole life.

A hearing loss can not be repaired. The person affected must cope with the challenge of the hearing loss or tinnitus every day, the rest of his/her life.

Noise is an invisible and insidious danger that constantly leads to work injuries, more injuries than all other reported combined. PTIL calls it a silent major accident. We think it’s time to take noise seriously and see the problem.

Momentum Technologies is introducing NOISEVISION, a unique services for noise control. By using a technique that is comparable to thermography, but for sound, the noise sources are mapped and visualized in real time during a survey. Afterwards, you get pictures and movies that can be used to easily understand and communicate what it is that makes the noise. In addition we provide suggestions for targeted and effective measures, to create a quieter and sustainable working environment.

Read more about NOISEVISION and how we can help you to achieve results that makes a difference everyday for your personnel, and for the efficiency of your operations.