Vibration isolator calculator

Vibration isolation can be used to solve two types of problems:

  • To avoid resonance of the machine itself.
  • To limit vibrations from being transmitted to other components (pipes, machines etc.) connected to the same foundation as the machine.

Isolators can in many cases also be used to loosen up existing pipe supports in order to avoid structure born vibration.

Isolation describes the ability to avoid transmitting vibration from the source, and 90% isolation means that only 10% of the original vibration level is transmitted. Isolation is obtained by separating the fundamental natural frequency of the machinery from the forcing frequency of the rotation by loosening up the connection of the machinery to the foundation. In some cases it is not possible in certain situations to separate the rotation frequency from the natural frequency and you get resonance when running at this speed. This can be a machinery that is starting up and is slow due to high rotational inertia and must pass through the critical rotational speed. In such cases an isolator with built in damping might be a good candidate. Added damping in the isolator is reducing the isolation effect of the isolater, but the response at the resonance is reduced.

On this page you can find a suitable isolator based on a minimum amount of information:

  • The total mass of the machinery, including any medium that might be in the machine
  • The rotational speed of the machinery. Calculate and input the value of 60 x frequency if the component is a different component than a machine.
  • The number of isolators under the machine acting in the vertical direction.
  • The required isolation. More isolation is better, but sometimes it can be difficult to find good candidates at high isolation – especially when rotational speed is low.


Below, a text window will be filled with all possible standard candidates from Vicoda when pressing “Calculate”.

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Input values for the machinery that should be isolated:

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Revolution speed [rpm]:

Number of isolators:

Required vibration isolation [%]:

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