And so, it soon will be Christmas. Again.

Before entering 2017, we look back at 2016 – a year in which many things have taken place, both big and small – far away and close to us. For us at Momentum Technologies, 2016 is the year during which our company was founded. In other words, a year of a lot of work and a lot of learning – but fortunately also a lot of confirmation of that our commitment is on the right track. There is a need and a place for Momentum within the market.

We want to thank our families, friends and acquaintances for all your support and hope that you have patience with us a bit more longer. Great gratitude also to our customers, suppliers and business partners for your confidence in us and valuable feedback in the development of Momentum products and services.

We look forward to 2017, a year that obviously is going to be busy. But before we pick up speed towards new challenges, we wish you a great holiday, enjoying some peace and joyful moments with friends and family.