Uncomfortable changes?

The facsimiles above are retrieved from offshore.no (in Norwegian).

In the latest several accidents on Norwegian oil and gas sites have been reported. Of course, these are news that adds fuel to the debate regarding how many cuts that can be made in the oil and gas industry, without risking the safety of humans or environment.

When talking to colleagues in the supplying business about the on-going downsizing of the business, the words often sound something like; “Well, some cutting is probably healthy for us to get more effective and more competitive to the business abroad. But – has everything we have been doing in the past been so completely unnecessary so that it just can be cut away?”

Is this a correct observation or not? And are the recent coincident accidents truly coincidental or direct consequences of cutting in maintenance? I think that many of us in the business would like to have an answer to what is going on.

Yes, the business is changing, changing not only in size but also by its structure. And yes, I know, changes are uncomfortable before you get along with them. But – is also the way to look upon the importance of safety changing? If so, I will find it hard to become comfortable with that change…

Instead, can we give it a shot and perhaps turn the issue a little bit – how can the business change and become smarter, so that safety does not become too expensive?