Presenting: Vibration toolbox by Momentum Technologies

To get in control, is mostly about understanding. If you understand the cause and mechanisms behind, you are often able to identify both possibilities and risks.

In Momentum Technologies we are committed to vibration control. Our ambition is to always understand the problem – finding the root cause, assess the severity and – if needed – provide a solution to the problem. Since every plant, construction, design and operational process is unique – understanding is conditional to learning, learning that is converted to experience you bring with you into the next task. Over the years the experience among our engineers has formed a set of “tools”; methods, shortcuts, know-how – to pull up the sleeve when needed.

We would like to share this experience and contribute to the learning about, and understanding of, vibrations. By forming the “tools” developed in the minds of our engineers into available applications, we hope to create a valuable source of information for you. We have chosen to call this effort for the “Vibration Toolbox”.

Regularly we will publish tools we think are useful, hoping for you to think so too. We also hope for that we can learn from you – from your experience and about what you need. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, have tips for improvement or experience you would like to share within the field of vibrations.