EFRC Vibration criteria

EFRC (the European Forum for Reciprocating Compressors)  has within their guidelines, defined criterias for vibration assessment of reciprocating compressors.

Measurements of vibrations at the main parts of the compressor individually may only give a rough indication of the stress levels. In order to enable a more holistic and reliable vibration assessment of the compressor, you have to consider how the parts affect each other.

The calculator below is a fast way to get a quick reference to such an assessment.


Input values for the most prominent peaks from the vibration velocity RMS spectrum:

Compressor type:
Horizontal Compressor
Vertical Compressor

Compressor part:
Frame (top)
Cylinder (lateral)
Cylinder (rod)

Frequency [Hz]:

mm rms – Vibration displacement
mm/s rms – Vibration velocity
m/s2 rms- Vibration acceleration

Vibration peak amplitude at frequency [selected units]:

The results are calculated from Guidelines for Vibrations in Reciprocating Compressor Systems, European Forum Reciprocating Compressors (EFRC), 2009 Third Edition May 2012

Horizontal compressor
Parts on horizontal compressor
Parts of vertical compressor
Parts of vertical compressor