Feel free to think I’m crazy

Telling that you ‘re part of initiating a startup company, in times like this when market is…  – let’s say – slow, gives a lot of cheering comments in response, like; “Cool!”, “Good for you!”, “Awesome with people that have the guts!“ and “I think you are brave”, “Tough choice!” and so on. Well, I think you get it –  most of them has the undertone of that you might be a little bit crazy, and that they won’t hold it against you if you fail…

So when meeting the time after that and you get the follow-up-question “How are things going with your startup?”, you kind of feel the pressure to prove that you are the contrary of being crazy, that you are in control, and that you – against all odds – actually are succeeding. In other words, sometimes there is a need to re-establish necessary confidence again.

Experience tells, that to look backwards instead of forwards for just one minute or two, often helps in situations like this; After approximately two months of full operation in total, we actually have achieved a lot! To mention some things; we do have a name of the company, logo and corresponding domains – things one can consider as trivial perhaps, but are not as less important just because of that. To mention some more things and to take the opportunity to brag a little; we have accomplished to receive a couple of purchase orders, and not the least, issued our first invoice!

With these first months fresh in mind I get a good reminder of what this team can achieve, of what we will be able to put in motion and get in control of. Still, the recognition factor is high when reading the definition of a startup made by Eric Ries, the man behind “Lean startup”: “A startup is a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.”

I guess it will remain that way for some time now. But, I am confident in that we will succeed. So please, feel free to think I’m crazy.